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A Book Review: Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Tracy Chevalier

What Happens When Mystery Spawns Creativity “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, was both a book club and road read in 2006. We were driving back and forth between our home in Atlanta and New Bern, getting what was supposed to be our new life in order. And because my heart wasn’t at all in this […]


Getting Ready for 2017:

An Impromptu Band at Jackson Square, New Orleans

But Wait! Where the Heck Did 2016 Go? Sometimes I think we’ve lost our minds. No, I’m not talking about the recent election campaign and subsequent results. That took insanity to an entirely new level. What I’m talking about is us, Simon and me. We’re a stable couple in our mid-sixties, living in a lovely […]

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Six Legs Back at the Annapolis Boat Show:

A Year Later and a Lot Dryer It was just over a year ago that I put my first post, Six Soggy Legs at the Annapolis Boat Show, up on this blog site. In that post, I complained about the non-stop rain, talked about doing girl stuff while the guys lost themselves in gadget land […]


An Open Letter to Patti Morrow

(Patti Morrow is a prominent women’s adventure travel writer who was seriously injured in a recent traffic accident in South Africa, while on assignment and doing what she loves. To learn more about this remarkable individual, visit her Luggage and Lipstick blog.) Dear Patti: I hope this finds you in good spirits, and moving forward […]