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Central and South America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #090] Biomuseo in Panama City, Panama:

An Ecological and Architectural Wonderland. If there’s anything I hate more than being cold and wet, it’s being hot and sticky. And as much as I love Panama City, it will envelop you an an overabundance of the latter year round. I confess that this was one of the reasons I looked forward to escaping […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #089] Indian Echo Caverns in Derry Township, Pennsylvania: 

Let Your Tour Guide and Your Imagination show You the way. The children on the tour were definitely getting into the spirit. “I see a mushroom,” called one. ”There’s Darth Vader,” pronounced another. “I always called him a cave man,” mused our guide, but I’ll have to remember that one.” And so continued the identification […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #088] Pennsylvania State Capitol Building In Harrisburg: 

Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg

Stained Glass, Marble and Gold Leaf Make This Historic Structure a Feast for Eyes and Mind. It didn’t matter who might have been looking. I had to slip off my shoes to stand on the plaque marking the spot where President Theodor Roosevelt proclaimed, “This is the handsomest Building I ever saw.” It was 1906, […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #087] Mule and Carriage Tour in Charleston, South Carolina:

A Mule in the Palmetto Carriage Works Barn in Charleston, SC

A Laid Back way to See a Charming City Charleston, SC is one of my favorite cities on the planet. Between the historic buildings, fresh seafood and ever-present ghosts, I can’t seem to get enough of this sophisticated southern town. We have toured Charleston by bus, on foot and on our last visit in December, […]

Middle East / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #086] Play Time at Gaya

Israeli Ingenuity at Its Mind-Boggling Best. Systematically moving my fingers over the smooth surface of the wooden box, I searched for a clue as to how to open the two small drawers it contained. It seemed hopeless, but just when I was about to throw in the towel – or fling the box across the […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #085] Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sioux Falls, SD:

No Matter How Many Cathedrals You’ve Seen, This Midwest Treasure Should not be Missed. Late on a warm September afternoon, Simon, Otto and I found an unexpected WOW, when we entered what I thought was just another big church. The Cathedral of St. Joseph was first pointed out to us the previous morning as we […]

Central and South America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #084] The Panama Canal Museum:

How One Dog Had His Day in Panama City. There’s nothing like an air conditioned museum on a hot, humid day. You can feed your mind while your body tries to recover from hours of abuse trudging around outdoors. This was how Simon, Otto and I ended up in the Panama Canal Museum after exploring […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #083] Notre Dame de Bon Secours:

Montreal’s Oldest Chapel Offers a Peaceful Refuge for All Who Enter. Stepping out of the hot afternoon sun into the cool tranquility of Bon Secours Church was like stumbling upon an oasis in a desert of chaos. And the cloak of quiet calm that enveloped me as I sat in a pew resting my tired […]

Central and South America / Food & Beverage / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #082] Panamanian Roadside Dining:

It May Not Be Fast Food, But It Definitely is Good Food. The car thermometer read 38 degrees. This might be considered to have been on the cool side, except for the fact that in Panama, temperature is measured in celsius. Yes, it was around 100 degrees fahrenheit on the road back to Boquete after […]

Central and South America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #081] Shakura S’Aida and the Blues Conversion:

How Opening Your Ears Can Open Your Mind. “There’s too much blues and not enough jazz,” I complained during the 2015 Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival. That was until the 2016 10th Anniversary event, when I had the opportunity to hear Shakura S’Aida unplugged in a small theater, and WOW, did I change my mind […]