Middle East / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #013] Argan Trees

From Their Birthplace in Morocco, These Amazing Trees Spread Their Precious Oil Around the Globe Our first encounter with the argan tree (also known as tree of life) was in Israel’s Negev Desert, a long way from its origins in southwestern Morocco. The trees and the oil they produce turned out to be one of […]

Hints for Happier Travels

Great Take-Along Find

Drink Up! You Won’t Spill a Thing Whether it’s coffee, ice tea or water, it doesn’t matter. There’s a better than average chance I’ll find a way to slop it, drip it or knock it over entirely. This is especially true when I travel. But about a year ago, Contigo Autoseal mugs came to my […]

Europe / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #012] Chocolate and Churros in Madrid:

Want to Take a Dip? Come on in, the Chocolate’s Fine If you only have one breakfast in Madrid, make it chocolate con churros at Chocolateria San Ginés. The café, which was opened in 1894, is located in a passageway near the San Ginés Church. But the café’s close proximity to eternal salvation has never […]

Middle East / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #011] The Ramon Crater:

Geological Wonder in Israel’s Negev Desert Think of an enormous asymmetrical hole in a desert that looks less desert-like with every passing year, and you’ve got a geological WOW called the Ramon Crater. When Simon, Otto and I visited my family in Israel in 2013 we saw many exciting and mind-boggling sights, but on our second […]

Food & Beverage / North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #010] Arendtsville, PA

Small-Town Sunshine Trumps Moonshine Any Day We were in The N.E.W. A-Ville Inn, in search of a lead to some good Pennsylvania moonshine, but what we found was a WOW of a different kind. On our last full day in Gettysburg, PA, Simon, Otto and I found ourselves in an area of southern Pennsylvania where […]

Road Reads

Fifty Shades of Love

Me Before You ~ by JoJo Moyes “Me Before You” is a novel about a young man who has everything until he finds himself paralyzed from the neck down. Enter his new female caregiver. Now, just forget everything you’ve ever read about battered boy meets gutsy girl – they don’t hit it off, then they […]

Europe / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #009] The Damascene Jewelry of Toledo, Spain:

Modern Artisans Use Ancient Techniques to Create Timeless Beauty Toledo, 45 miles south of Madrid, is a town of many WOW’s. The only way to describe this Castilian gem is “magical”. The perfect fusion of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures can be seen everywhere, including the stunning hand-made damascene jewelry to be found throughout the […]

Europe / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #008] The Whispering Gallery at St. Paul’s Cathedral:

A WOW of a Whisper So there I was, sitting on a bench, minding my own business, when I heard a voice whispering to me from behind my head. Normally, this would have given me a start, since the only thing behind me was a solid wall, but I had been forewarned. The voice was […]

Food & Beverage / North America

Famous Flavors of Montreal:

A Day’s Worth of Meals from Three World-Renowned Casual Eateries Montreal, Quebec is a captivating city. It has a charming historic district, a vibrant downtown area, a mountain in the middle and some of the finest restaurants in North America. But the foods with which I grew up have nothing to do with foie gras, […]

Europe / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #007] Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence:

Where “Fine” applies to more than art A rainy morning in Florence had given way to a brilliant blue sky and warming sun. Simon, C.J. and I had made the most of the day, and by the time we left the magnificent Cathedral of Florence  – a WOW in its own right – late in […]