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Road Reads

Horror, Satire and the Truth about Gated Communities

The Association ~ by Bentley Little In November, 2006, Simon and I were in the Philadelphia area on a three-and-a-half week training program prior to assuming ownership of our auto repair franchise. Little did I know that one of the books I read during that time would have a long-lasting impact on my psyche. The […]

Central and South America

In Search of a Panamanian Paradise ~ Chapter 5

Boquete: The Town that Loves to Celebrate If there ever was a town that embraced the spirit of celebration, it would be Boquete. While folks in the U.S are freezing their butts off from January through March, it is summer time in Panama. The weather is dry and temperatures are moderate, so the two “summer” […]

Accommodation / Central and South America

Great Panama City Find for the Budget Conscious

If there’s anything I hate, it’s sticker shock. We ran into a good bit of that while trying to find a hotel for three nights in Panama City prior to our return home after our glorious month in Boquete. Then we came across Hotel CentroAmericano. Located near various medical facilities that include the Hospital del […]

Central and South America

In Search of a Panamanian Paradise ~ Chapter 4

Life’s a Beach, and then You Enjoy the Heck Out of It Through our spotty internet access, we’re hearing the reports from home about snow, ice, stranded motorists and the complete inability of anyone to deal with it. Were we there, we would be having a hard time dealing with it ourselves, but, we’re not in […]

Central and South America

In Search of a Panamanian Paradise ~ Chapter 3

Down in the Mouth in Panama by Simon One of our purposes for visiting Panama was for me to have some long overdue dental work performed. You might ask why one would want to visit a dentist in a foreign country rather than having the work done close to home. Well it all boils down […]

Accommodation / Central and South America

In Search of a Panamanian Paradise ~ Chapter 2

Six Legs on the Ground in Panama: First Impressions The current temperature is in the low 70’s, with a light breeze rustling the tree branches. There is the sound of birds and a dog barking in the distance. I can hear Simon preparing the barbecue pit for the chicken he will grill for tonight’s dinner. I’m […]

Central and South America

In Search of a Panamanian Paradise ~ Chapter 1

Simon, Otto and I are in Panama mode, and I will be updating this blog regularly on all that this entails. From advance preparations for our month-long visit, to experiences while there, I’ll be sharing the details of this adventure with you. There will be travel tips, stories and, no doubt, the occasional rant. You’ll […]

Road Reads

On the Road to Hogwarts

Picture of CD cover

Remembering where I put my coffee mug may sometimes be a challenge, but not the first audio book Simon and I read on a road trip. It was the beginning of J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series

Accommodation / North America / Service Dog Savvy

“The Blind Room” and Other Hotel Horror Stories

I may be too old to Trick or Treat, and my kids are too old for me to live vicariously through them while guilting them into sharing some of their loot. But, it is Halloween, and no one is too old for six-legged “tails of horror” on the road. Now let me be clear. Most […]

North America

Six Soggy Legs at the Annapolis Boat Show

Annapolis, MD is a charming town with a world-famous Naval Academy, a rich history and friendly citizens. However, every October this normally peaceful place becomes a weekend paradise for swarms of sailors and sailor “wannabes”. But this year, not all the water was in the Chesapeake. Yes, it rained. It rained the day before Simon, […]