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The Tower of David Night Spectacular: 

Night View of the Jerusalem Citadel

Four Thousand Years of Jerusalem’s History in Sound and light The Old City of Jerusalem has had me under its spell since the first time I walked its ancient stones in 1971. We were treated to new aspects of the city on three separate pre-conference tours while in Jerusalem for the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Expo) […]

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Your Jordan Pass:

View of Part of Amman from the Citadel

Opening Doors to Jordan’s Rich Past and More. As we recently discovered, Jordan is a sparkling jewel among nations. From a historic, cultural and culinary standpoint, it hits all the high notes for me. And the people are among the most friendly and kind you’ll find anywhere. Now, in case I was too subtle, I strongly […]

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Early Impressions of Jordan:

A View of Amman from the Citadel (©simon@my

Forget What You Think You Know, and Follow Your Senses When we told family and friends we were planning to visit Jordan, the reaction was mixed. “That sounds amazing!” “Are you sure?” ”Muslims think dogs are unclean, so you will have trouble with cabs, restaurants and accommodations.” And last, but not least, “Are you crazy?” […]

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We are Going to Israel – Why Don’t You Come With Us?

A Typical Street in Old Jerusalem (©

Join Simon and the Six Legs on a once-in-a-lifetime tour to discover the mysteries, treasures and charms of Israel from March 5-15, 2017. This beleaguered land has survived centuries of war and religious conflict to become the jewel of the middle east. We have created a unique tour that will introduce you to the many faces of Israel. […]

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[Weekly WOW #092] The Port of Jaffa in Israel: 

House on the Main Square in Jaffa, Israel

Take a lesson in Survival from this Ancient Port City. As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved oranges, and growing up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood of Montreal, the Jaffa brand was a frequent guest in our house. For much of my life, I associated Jaffa with sweet, juicy oranges, but it wasn’t […]

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[Weekly WOW #086] Play Time at Gaya

Israeli Ingenuity at Its Mind-Boggling Best. Systematically moving my fingers over the smooth surface of the wooden box, I searched for a clue as to how to open the two small drawers it contained. It seemed hopeless, but just when I was about to throw in the towel – or fling the box across the […]

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[Weekly Wow #080] Pepo Brewery in Israel:

Moti Bohadana’s Unique Way of Honoring the Women in His Life. There are many nations that come to mind at the mention of better-than-average beer: Ireland, England, Germany, the Czech Republic and, thanks to the proliferation of microbreweries, the United states, to name a few. But Israel? It would have never entered my mind until […]

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[Weekly WOW #078] Church of the Holy Sepulcher:

Where Christianity’s Greatest Despair and Its Brightest Hope Meet. Kneeling in front of the large flat stone of limestone marble, my fingertips tentatively touched the smooth, cool surface. It was not the original anointing stone where Joseph of Arimathea placed the body of Jesus Christ and prepared it for burial, but the picture in my […]

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[Weekly Wow #047] Bedouin Hospitality in Israel’s Negev Desert:

Hot Coffee and a Cool Place for a Bar Mitzvah We were in the desert, and deserts are supposed to be hot. Right? Well, the Negev in Israel obviously didn’t get the message on that morning in early March. Oh, it was warm to be sure, but not the preview of hell I was expecting. […]

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[Weekly WOW #025] An Agricultural Goldmine in Israel’s Negev Desert:

From Unwelcoming Wasteland to Garden of Eden It used to be that the word “desert” would conjure up visions of endless mountains of sand and rock: barren, unrelentingly arid and hot, but beautiful in its own right. That was until my Israeli cousin took Simon, Otto and me on two excursions into the Negev, where […]