What Travel Industry Professionals Are Saying

“Penny Zibula certainly does live by the philosophy that “there’s more than one way to travel and ‘see’ the world.” I watched as she interacted with artists, restauranteurs, brewers, glassblowers, and others and she was the perfect visitor – curious, engaging, excited to try new things, and someone who truly seemed to appreciate and savor each experience. Along the way, those partners she visited and I learned a lot about our own perceptions and how we interact with others and the world. And how we “see” the very things we’re all so passionate about. Of course, in addition to her being such a delightful person to be around, Penny’s writing is excellent and her articles have been some of the best we’ve had. Add in Simon’s wonderful photography and equal enthusiasm, and Otto’s charm and you have a media visit you will long remember.”

Dave DeGolyer

Communications Manager, Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes

“Thank you for this lovely article, Penny! I honestly think it’s one of the best written articles I’ve seen on our Twain sites.”

Cynthia Raj

Vice President of Tourism Promotion, Chemung County Chamber of Commerce

“Excellent story! Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece. I am excited to share this with our Partners & our team at the bureau.”


Rick Dunlap

Director of PR Communications, Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau

“Hello Penny, My boss sent me the link to your blog so I could write an article about the great review you gave St-Hubert restaurants and I had no idea what was awaiting me as I clicked on the link! What a wonderful blog you have and what an amazing life you lead! Aside from sharing your love of writing AND traveling (I have been Lucky enough to see many places), I also have a deep love of animals and what a joy it was to read about your fantastic four-legged friends and partners! I will most surely keep reading your blog with much interest and although I now live in the suburbs (after living in other countries for 10 years) and rarely make it to down-town Montréal, I just might have to take my daughter to St-Viateur for their amazing bagels I used to have as a teenager! Thanks for reminding me just how heavenly they are! Congratulations on following your passion and living your life to the fullest! You are an inspiration! Sincerely, Anne”

Anne Thériault

Translator, Communications, St-Hubert Group

“Thank you very much for your mail. The article is great. I’m so sorry to miss your last visit to Botín. I hope to see you in May, in your next trip to Madrid.”

Antonio Gonzalas

Owner, Botin, Madrid

“Thanks for your e-mail!  I’m so glad you were able to visit the tea plantation.  Thank you for writing this great article!  We are very proud of our tea plantation and want everyone to know about it, so thank you for spreading the word.”

Jane Knight

Business Manager, Charleston Tea Plantation

“We have read your article about us and we are very grateful for all your wonderful comments, we are delighted that you and your dog have had a good stay with us, and we really like to share your article also as your blog on our Facebook page. Please let us know if you give us permission, likewise, thank you very much for those kind words. Greetings from Panama!”

Andrea Perez

writing on behalf of the Hotel Centroamericano

Comments from My Readers

“Appreciated the creepy tour of London. You have quite a way to pull the reader into your stories”.

“LOVED your piece on Panama City. Please tell Simon his photos on the blog were a great addition… we want to see those strange buildings too!”

This was a fascinating article! Having lived in England and visited many of these places as well, I can feel my memories as I read your words. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience!!!!”

“A great piece of descriptive writing that really brought the highlights of the tour alive – I’ve been there and couldn’t start to describe the whole experience – this put it beautifully into words for me. And anyone who has a chance to visit please do go – it’s well worth it and certainly not just for kids!”

“I really enjoyed reading about your visit to Edinburgh. I think you capture my city beautifully and I’m glad you had such a positive experience.”


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