When setting out on a trip it is so easy to forget any number of items – I might even forget my head if were not firmly attached to my body. But, the one thing I never leave behind is a good supply of reading material. Interminable waits at airports and long flights are always more tolerable when I can lose myself in a good read.

Much to my regret on any road trip Simon has to do all the driving. He sometimes will spend ten to twelve hours at the wheel with only short breaks to fill the gas tank, our coffee mugs and/or Otto’s water bowl, and so all three of our bladders can be emptied. To help him stay constantly alert on the open road, and to pass the time, we read.

Along with the huge variety of audio books that are available, I also have the privilege of free access to an extensive library of recorded books, through the Library of Congress Talking-Book Program. The stories and characters seem to come alive as these books are narrated by phenomenal voice actors. All I have to do is plug my book player or iPhone into the radio for better audio quality.

I want to share some of our best road reads with you, so I  will add them from time to time, with the hope this will encourage you to read and enjoy! I hope you’ll check back regularly to see where the Six Legs have traveled, and which books have accompanied us on our journeys.


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