Taking a Break from Blogging to Relocate.

This post is overdue, and it was supposed to be entitled “M” is for Milan. Now, my tale of this remarkable Italian goddess of a city will have to wait until the New Year.

We are in the process of moving from New Bern, North Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina. I’ll share more details in my year-end post. The short version of the story is we will be closer to our sons, we will be less isolated, we will have more access to services and excellent medical facilities, and we won’t have to deal with hurricanes.

No doubt, we will miss our friends and our lovely waterfront home, but the timing for a move that was inevitable couldn’t be better. Since international travel is off the table for the foreseeable future, and travel within the U.S. requires a lot of planning and effort, the planets seem to have aligned to transform what was, a year ago, a serious consideration into our current reality.

You’ll hear from me one more time this year, but I hope to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule early in 2021. Meanwhile, Simon, Splendid, and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, whether you will be with loved ones in person or virtually. Despite the challenges this year has brought, there is much for which to be thankful.

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