Hi this is Simon.

I am sure that many of you are wondering why you have not seen any new posts from Penny, recently. Unfortunately, Penny has landed in one of the intensive care units (SICU) at the University of North Carolina (UNC) Hospital, Chapel Hill, with an extremely severe case of pneumonia. She was transferred here from the hospital in New Bern in a critical care ambulance last week because she needed more extensive treatment than could be provided at our local hospital. I expect it will be several weeks before she will take up the reins again with a regular posting schedule. However, I am pleased to say that since she has been at UNC I have seen very slow but steady improvements in her condition.

I hope that during this quite period you will maintain your subscription. If time and energy permits I may try to do a couple of posts in the interim – articles that I had promised that I would write but never delivered.

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