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North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #063] Billie Swamp Safari on the Big Cyprus Reservation:

Where Not Only the Buffalo Roam. The zebras were calm to the point of indifference as our safari buggy passed by. You’d think this was a natural occurrence in their world, and you’d be right. The best part, as far as the zebras, ostriches and asian buffalo were concerned was the absence of lions to […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #062] Hahn’s Hearth Oven Bakery in Amana Colonies, Iowa: 

The Accidental Baker and Her Scrumptious Accomplishments. If not for the sign, you might mistake the bakery for another house on a residential street in Middle Amana. But Hahn’s Hearth Oven Bakery, it’s history, the baked goods that emerge from it’s brick oven and the talented woman who produces them are nothing short of WOW! […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #061] Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park:

A Stunning Tribute in Stone to Four Presidents Who Helped Make America Great. The only event Otto might remember about our visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park is the mountain goat that nearly made a shish-kebab out of him. But for us, that, “WOW! That was close!”, was soon overshadowed by the WOW of […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #060] The Graffiti of Art Alley in Rapid City, South Dakota:

  Not Just for Vandals Anymore. It would have never occurred to me that a run-of-the-mill alleyway in a South Dakota town would mean anything more than a place I wouldn’t want to be walking after dark. Then, on a sunny afternoon in Rapid City, Simon, Otto and I were led down Art Alley, and […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly Wow #059] SculptureWalk in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

55 Reasons to Take a Leisurely Stroll Downtown. It was love the instant I touched that adorable, innocent face with pinchable chubby cheeks and ice cream dripping from his chin. Then, dog lover that I am, I caressed the sweet head and floppy ear of his Labrador retriever. Of all the entries Simon and I […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #058] Indulge Your Curiosity at a Colorado Cannabis Dispensary: 

And Don’t Worry; Buying Is Optional. It was like one of those dreams – you know the kind – where past and present collide, forming a series of disjointed events. My first experience with a Colorado cannabis dispensary was somewhat like that, creating a WOW of an unusual sort. In Colorado, marijuana is legal, and […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #057] Hell Hath No Fury, and It Does Freeze Over: 

If This Tiny Michigan Town is a Preview to the Afterlife, We Have Nothing to Fear. If you like small towns with friendly people, zero crime and a laugh a minute, then may I suggest you go to Hell. And if you do visit this dot on the Michigan map, when you finally catch your […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #056] Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal: 

History and Expert Craftsmanship Combine to make this Church a Montreal Must-See. Through nearly three decades of growing up, attending college and working in what is known as the Paris of North America, I had never set foot in Notre-Dame Basilica. This travesty has now been rectified with a long overdue “WOW!” Montreal is replete […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #053] Stone Mountain in Atlanta:

A Rock of Ages, Southern Style. It was 9:30 PM on that hot Labor Day Monday, as we sat on the grass looking up at a mountain of granite called Stone Mountain. Not a particularly original, name to be sure, but the laser light spectacular that began to unfold on its north face definitely was. […]

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[Weekly WOW #049] Take Three Sips of “Three Ships” at Adams County Winery:

Converting Southern Pennsylvania’s Bounty of Luscious Fruit into Delectable Wines. My no-fail slow cooker pot roast was fall-apart tender, and the potatoes, carrots and peppers were done to a turn. As we sat down at our dinner table with good friends, Simon poured the wine bearing the whimsical name, “Three Ships to the Wind”. We […]