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Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #100] The Best WOW of Them All:

And the winner is… It has been 100 weeks since I began sharing some of the WOW experiences of the Six Legs and husband and photographer, Simon. Since then, I have written little else on this blog. Now, the time has come to move on. So this will be the last Weekly WOW. When I […]

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[Weekly WOW #099] The Mysterious Circles of Avebury, England:

Part of Avebury Circle in Wiltshire

Teachable, Touchable Stones that are Anything But Ordinary. “If you like Stonehenge, Avebury will blow you away.” It was this piece of advice, along with a chance meeting, that led us to a WOW of an experience. Simon, Otto and I had just spent two extraordinary days in Wiltshire, and were on our way to Derby, […]

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[Weekly WOW #098] Medieval Mikvah in Besalu, Spain:  

Candelabra in the Besalu Mikvah

Ritual Bath Opens a Window on a Once-Thriving Jewish Community. It was thirty-six stairs down from the square in Besalu’s Jewish Quarter into the 14th century ritual bath, known as a mikvah. With each step I noticed the air gradually cooling, as the daylight receded, giving way to illumination from two windows in the chamber. […]

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[Weekly WOW #097] Chartres Cathedral in France:

Rose Window at Chartres Cathedral, France

The Grand Dame of Medieval Churches Gets a Facelift. When I first read the book, it was drier than day-old toast, but Henry Adams’s “Mont St. Michel and Chartres” made me want to get close to both these magnificent medieval religious structures. So, in the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s what I did.” Chartres was […]

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[Weekly WOW #096] Floral Tapestry in Girona, Spain:

Floral Tapestry at the Base of the Cathedral Steps in Girona, Spain

One Day Each Year, these Botanical Masterpieces are Produced Through Faith, Family and Fun. As we entered the square in front of Girona Cathedral, Gemma, our guide drew our attention to a floral tapestry in progress. Floral tapestry? Yes, floral tapestry, which turned out to be a new WOW we were about to discover. It […]

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[Weekly WOW #095] Salt of the Sea in Sicily:

Windmill at the Salt Ponds Near Masala, Sicily

You’ll Never Look at Your Shaker or Grinder the Same Way Again. It was a hard lump, with a rough, irregular surface. Holding it in my hand, it was difficult to imagine this strange object could have anything to do with food preservation, flavor enhancement or high blood pressure. But the age-old process that turns […]

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[Weekly WOW #094] Avila, Spain

Scale Model of the Avila City Walls

Small in Size, But Huge When It comes to Accessibility Awareness. It was easy for me to figure out our location, as my feet navigated stone steps and walkways atop the wall surrounding the medieval town of Avila. This was because, earlier that day, Simon, Otto and I had paid a visit to the Visitor […]

North America / Weekly Wow!

[Weekly WOW #093] Broom and Basket Shop, Amana Colonies, Iowa:

Skills that Stand the Test of Time and Technology. When we were told our first stop during our visit to the Amana Colonies would be a demonstration in broom making, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, I loathe anything to do with cleaning. But when we walked into West Amana Broom and Basket […]

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[Weekly WOW #092] The Port of Jaffa in Israel: 

House on the Main Square in Jaffa, Israel

Take a lesson in Survival from this Ancient Port City. As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved oranges, and growing up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood of Montreal, the Jaffa brand was a frequent guest in our house. For much of my life, I associated Jaffa with sweet, juicy oranges, but it wasn’t […]

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[Weekly WOW #091] Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room:

The Building that Houses Mrs Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah, GA

No Visit to Savannah Could Be Complete Without It. It was Summer, 1988, and we were sweltering in Savannah, GA. Our boys were seven and five, and we had taken them to Hilton head, SC for a week at the beach. By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were all itching for a bit of […]