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The National Civil War Museum Tells it Like it Was:

A Field Hospital at the National Civil War Museum

Experience Both Sides of the Bloody Conflict that Nearly Shattered a Nation. For many, it’s easy to pass judgement regarding the right and wrong of the American Civil War. And, to some degree, I too am guilty of this mindset. The people I admire most when it comes to this highly charged subject, are those […]

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The Journey Museum and Learning Center in Rapid City, South Dakota:

Children's Library Lab at the Journey Museum in Rapid City

Planning a Trip to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial? Do This First It was mid-afternoon in Rapid City when we met Troy Kilpatrick, Executive Director of the Journey Museum and Learning Center. Although my brain was, as always, willing, my feet groaned out a protest following a day of standing and walking. But as […]

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[Weekly WOW #093] Broom and Basket Shop, Amana Colonies, Iowa:

Skills that Stand the Test of Time and Technology. When we were told our first stop during our visit to the Amana Colonies would be a demonstration in broom making, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, I loathe anything to do with cleaning. But when we walked into West Amana Broom and Basket […]

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[Weekly WOW #091] Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room:

The Building that Houses Mrs Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah, GA

No Visit to Savannah Could Be Complete Without It. It was Summer, 1988, and we were sweltering in Savannah, GA. Our boys were seven and five, and we had taken them to Hilton head, SC for a week at the beach. By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were all itching for a bit of […]

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[Weekly WOW #089] Indian Echo Caverns in Derry Township, Pennsylvania: 

Let Your Tour Guide and Your Imagination show You the way. The children on the tour were definitely getting into the spirit. “I see a mushroom,” called one. ”There’s Darth Vader,” pronounced another. “I always called him a cave man,” mused our guide, but I’ll have to remember that one.” And so continued the identification […]

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[Weekly WOW #088] Pennsylvania State Capitol Building In Harrisburg: 

Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg

Stained Glass, Marble and Gold Leaf Make This Historic Structure a Feast for Eyes and Mind. It didn’t matter who might have been looking. I had to slip off my shoes to stand on the plaque marking the spot where President Theodor Roosevelt proclaimed, “This is the handsomest Building I ever saw.” It was 1906, […]

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[Weekly WOW #087] Mule and Carriage Tour in Charleston, South Carolina:

A Mule in the Palmetto Carriage Works Barn in Charleston, SC

A Laid Back way to See a Charming City Charleston, SC is one of my favorite cities on the planet. Between the historic buildings, fresh seafood and ever-present ghosts, I can’t seem to get enough of this sophisticated southern town. We have toured Charleston by bus, on foot and on our last visit in December, […]

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[Weekly WOW #085] Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sioux Falls, SD:

No Matter How Many Cathedrals You’ve Seen, This Midwest Treasure Should not be Missed. Late on a warm September afternoon, Simon, Otto and I found an unexpected WOW, when we entered what I thought was just another big church. The Cathedral of St. Joseph was first pointed out to us the previous morning as we […]

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[Weekly WOW #083] Notre Dame de Bon Secours:

Montreal’s Oldest Chapel Offers a Peaceful Refuge for All Who Enter. Stepping out of the hot afternoon sun into the cool tranquility of Bon Secours Church was like stumbling upon an oasis in a desert of chaos. And the cloak of quiet calm that enveloped me as I sat in a pew resting my tired […]

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[Weekly WOW #076]Meet The Presidents in Rapid City, South Dakota:

43 Reasons to visit this Constantly Evolving Downtown Area. The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated was the day my childhood ended. At 12 years of age, I suddenly found myself living in a world where heroes died, and even someone as classy and elegant as Jackie could be denied a happy ending. J.F.K. had […]