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[Weekly Wow #080] Pepo Brewery in Israel:

Moti Bohadana’s Unique Way of Honoring the Women in His Life. There are many nations that come to mind at the mention of better-than-average beer: Ireland, England, Germany, the Czech Republic and, thanks to the proliferation of microbreweries, the United states, to name a few. But Israel? It would have never entered my mind until […]

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[Weekly WOW #079] A Box of Chox in Boquete, Panama:

How a Los Angeles Attorney Turned Her love of Chocolate into Profit. The first time I met Deborah Gershon, she was offering samples of her handmade chocolate from behind a vendor’s table at the weekly Tuesday Market in Boquete. That tiny bite gave such a jolt of pleasure to my taste buds, I had to […]

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[Weekly WOW #078] Church of the Holy Sepulcher:

Where Christianity’s Greatest Despair and Its Brightest Hope Meet. Kneeling in front of the large flat stone of limestone marble, my fingertips tentatively touched the smooth, cool surface. It was not the original anointing stone where Joseph of Arimathea placed the body of Jesus Christ and prepared it for burial, but the picture in my […]

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[Weekly WOW #077] Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus in Panama City, Panama:

On-Again Off-Again is bad for Romance, But It’s a Great Way to See a City. Two days in Panama City, and too many things we wanted to see; this was the dilemma facing Simon, Otto and me. Fortunately, City Sightseeing Tours offered a WOW of a solution through its Hop On – Hop Off Sightseeing […]

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[Weekly WOW #076]Meet The Presidents in Rapid City, South Dakota:

43 Reasons to visit this Constantly Evolving Downtown Area. The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated was the day my childhood ended. At 12 years of age, I suddenly found myself living in a world where heroes died, and even someone as classy and elegant as Jackie could be denied a happy ending. J.F.K. had […]

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[Weekly WOW #075] Celebrating Ceviche in Panama City, Panama:

Good Things Come in Small Styrofoam Cups. It was naked as the day it was caught. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. First, the shell and vein had been removed. And then there was the citrus in which it was “cooked,” the hot sauce and the small amount of chopped onion. All I knew […]

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Revamping of the Weekly Wow

The Long and the Short of It. It has been over a year since the Weekly WOW has been a regular feature on this blog. Unfortunately, for the most part, it’s been the only feature. As much as I enjoy writing about my travel WOWs, I have strayed from the original purpose of writing about […]

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[Weekly WOW #074] Tickling the Ivories in Denver:

From Virtuosos to Beginners, Everyone Gets a Chance to Play. The tune sounded familiar, but the title of the song eluded me. I was about to step over and ask the piano player what it was, but the light changed and we had to get across the street to catch the trolley. Cross the street? […]

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[Weekly WOW #073[ King Trumpet Mushrooms at Sioux Falls Farmers Market: 

When an Enterprising Young Man Nurtures Friendly Fungi, Good Things Grow. On a sunny Sioux Falls, SD Saturday morning, Simon, Otto and I were enjoying a stroll through the weekly farmers market, when our WOW sensors detected a find. In this case, the WOW turned out to be a table bearing king trumpet mushrooms, and […]

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[Weekly WOW #072] Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota: 

Phenomenal, Formidable and Far From Finished. When I was a child, enormous, larger-than-life statues had the effect of totally freaking me out. I kid you not. To me, it seemed as if they would come alive and crush the life out of me in some way or other. Perhaps then, it’s a good thing I […]